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NslMail Login

NslMail Login

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What is NslMail?

NslMail offers an alternative way to reduce spam in your inbox. Instead of giving out your real email address to inquiring websites, hand out an NslMail alias, masking your personal address and providing a tracking mechanism to help you identify which websites are sending you spam.

By using a separate NslMail alias for every website you visit, it becomes easy to determine who is violating privacy agreements and selling your address to spammers. You have the choice of turning each alias off completely or locking it down so you only receive email from whitelisted sources.


Benefits of using NslMail

  • Keep your inbox free of spam
  • Never worry about sharing your personal address with untrustworthy sites.
  • Keep using your existing email account & software. NslMail has been tested with Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail & Hotmail. It should work with others as well.
  • Maintain control of your email identity
  • Bookmarklet to allow easy access to your aliases